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Sarah Nicole - The Birds Papaya


At Karma Box, we have been lucky enough to work with several influential people who we totally admire for their fierce passion, sweet souls and epic entrepreneurial drive. Success can be measured in so many ways and fall under so many different categories. So here’s to the Mamas, the boss babes, the fitness gurus, the world travellers, the foodies and makers … let us introduce you to them and may you fall in love with them just as we have!


Sarah Nicole - The Birds Papaya


Ever heard of a public figure? Well let us introduce you.



Meet Sarah Nicole @thebirdspapaya. She's a badass mama of three with an Instagram following of 157K and growing but let’s dive deeper because that’s not where this story ends… that’s just where it begins.



For Sarah, the journey to better her life started 5 years ago. One of her awe-inspiring accomplishments was losing 100lbs! This great feat speaks for itself and is a huge testament to her strength and determination, to rise above the naysayers and the little voice inside of her that said she couldn’t.




What’s even more amazing is the fact that she then decided to share her badass self with the world. She let us witness all of her ups and downs, as she grew, changed and became. She reminds us that life isn’t always wrapped in a pretty package. It’s messy and that’s ok because like her, we are always – Growing, Changing, Becoming.


Through massive life changes, Sarah has proven she will rise above. Her most recent change was quitting her job and making The Birds Papaya her full time gig! Her instagram is her journal, and if you follow it, you will witness her stand by you on your journey. She lets you know that you are worthy, strong, your body is beautiful, you can overcome and you are not alone. We have watched and witnessed as her stance gave others strength to find their own voice. To stand up and say “I CAN”, “I WILL”, “I’M WORTH IT”, “I’M BEAUTIFUL”.



Sarah we see you. We see the wonderfully kind, raw, funny, beautiful, strong person you are. We stand beside you. Powerful women support powerful women and that you are.



Keep killin’ it sister! XO



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