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Mascne (or Mask Acne) and What You Can Do About It

While it’s obviously most important to keep each other safe amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic, we’d be lying if we said wearing a mask was all sunshine and roses. Not only is lipstick completely redundant, but many women (and men!) are noticing an increase in pesky breakouts. Forget the T-Zone, we’re here to talk to you about the Mask Zone and some ways to minimize the breakouts and inflammation from wearing a mask day to day.

Wash Cloth Masks

If you know how important it is to wash your pillowcases regularly to prevent bacteria build-up, you can’t even imagine how dirty reusable masks can get. Whether you’re shoving it in your purse, putting it down on a restaurant table or wearing it on a sweaty and oily face all day, that thing will get pretty filthy. Our advice is to curate a collection of masks that lines up with your laundry cycles. Are you a once a week kinda washer? If so, for maximum cleanliness, keep 7 masks on rotation so you never have to re-use before you wash. See our previous blog post on Canadian mask brands so that you can support local! As a side note – if you’re not already using a sensitive or natural laundry detergent, you may want to consider doing so to prevent dermatitis from freshly laundered masks.

Change up your Skincare Timeline

Most commonly, us ladies have a morning routine and a nighttime routine. Time to introduce a new PM routine – Post Mask skincare. If you’re coming home from a day of masking (and not the nice kind with cucumbers on your eyes) well before you’d normally get into your PJs and wash that beautiful face of yours, it may be a good idea to do a mini cleanse and moisturize to rid your skin of any bacteria that may have gotten stuck under your mask throughout your day, and soothe your Mask Zone of any irritation from the fabric.

Go Makeup-Free!

One MAJOR perk to this whole mask business is that like 65% of your face is hidden every time you leave the house. Ladies. Let’s let that skin b r e a t h e!!!! It’s so sad to see the precious dollars of makeup that come off on the inside of your mask when you take it off anyways. Save yourself the money, the time, and the energy and trust me, your skin will thank you. The less you pack those pores with under that mask the better.

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