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Local Mask Brands for Every Need

Whether we like it or not, it seems like masks are here to stay - and not the soothing gel kind. Getting through the weirdness of COVID-19 has been all about finding joy in the little things. Thankfully for all of us, there are tons of great companies making masks we can smile about (or smile behind I suppose). We've put together a list of our favourite Canadian mask brands and pointed out some of our favourite features.

1. The silk mask of our dreams - Cilque $29

Cilque's 100% Mulberry silk design has managed to make masks sexy! It comes in 3 neutrals plus a pretty pink, and the material is super easy on the skin. The mask features a filter pocket for extra protection, and to make it even more fun, you can buy a matching silk scrunchie! Buy 2 masks and they'll give you free shipping.

2. The Essential - Maskwell $20

Maskwell is all about the basics. The mask is designed for comfort and function, featuring long wear elastic, a classic grey design and a filter pouch. Their Welcome Package includes 1 Essential mask and 10 PF90 PureFilter inserts. Talk about value!

3. The most glamorous masks there ever were - Narces $30-$100

I know what you're thinking. $100 for a mask? Just hear me out. This womenswear line has designed the most beautiful masks ever imaginable on this earth. Is it your birthday? Wedding day? Do you adore yourself? If so, these Narces designs will make you feel like a princess or a rockstar, whichever's more your speed. Organza, silk, leopard print and florals. They've done it all.

4. Fun masks for the whole family - Mode Masks $18-$40

With back-to-school and back-to-work looming for many, some of us have been tasked with finding masks for hubby, for kids, maybe even for grandma. Mode Masks have a huge variety of patterns and designs for any age and any style. They have a made-to-measure option as well for anyone who's having a hard time finding the right fit. 


Happy shopping my Karma beauties! xo


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