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At Karma Box we care about the products we put on our skin, the foods we consume (except of course on “cheat day”) and the brands we choose to support. That is why we make it our utmost priority to carry quality, consciously made, cruelty-free products that leave a positive impact on our bodies and the environment. So, we thought we’d spread the love by shedding some light on some of the amazing brands we’ve partnered with, and tell you why they’re so amazingly awesome!





We first came across Herbaland on Instagram and were immediately drawn in by the cute little blue bear. Turns out, there’s much more to them than the blue bear.



Herbaland was established in 2009 and began manufacturing gummy vitamin products for both adults and children. They have gained a lot of media attention being recognized in Canadian Businesses “The Complete Ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies” and The Planter’s Guide  “A Yummy Gummy Vitamin Your Whole Family Will Love.” Today, they are Canada’s largest nutritional gummy manufacturer and the #1 brand of Canadian made gummy vitamins exporting world-wide to over 30 countries.


Herbaland’s secret ingredient to their success has been found in their dedication to finding the highest quality, most sustainable plant-based ingredients in the world. When possible, they opt for fair trade and organically-farmed ingredients.


Aside from caring for your bodies and mind, they care for the environment by using innovative, proprietary Eco-farming processes to deposit their gummies into steel molds. This results in the cleanest, highest quality gummy products in the world - while also minimizing their environmental impact.


From their Pure Beauty, to the Multi’s to Vegan vitamins, there is something for everyone. Herbaland is committed to a healthy life-style, and they make their products simple, delicious and FULL of goodness! This is why we chose to incorporate them in our Summer '18 Box.


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