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A conversation with the creator of Flawless By Friday & Beam Beauty, Brittny Robins

At Karma Box, we have been lucky enough to work with several influential people who we totally admire for their fierce passion, sweet souls and epic entrepreneurial drive. Success can be measured in so many ways and fall under so many different categories. So here’s to the Mamas, the boss babes, the fitness gurus, the world travellers, the foodies and makers … let us introduce you to them and may you fall in love with them just as we have!

Meet Brittny Robins

"Canadian women are disrupting the beauty business for the better"

"This Millenial Entrepreneur Turned A Side-Hustle Into A Nationally Recognized Beauty Brand"

"Hudson's Bay Launches First-Ever Private Label Skin and Colour Collection."

These are just three amongst a plethora of attention-grabbing headlines that appear when you google the name Brittny Robins. If you haven't heard her name, you've certainly heard of her brands. In 2015, Britt founded her Korean-inspired beauty brand Flawless By Friday, and in late 2019 she collaborated with Hudson Bay to launch their first foray into beauty and skincare with the introduction of Les Essentiels: a new collection of exclusive, essential beauty, skincare and makeup. Britt might not be a household name just yet, but if you're a Canadian with an appreciation for makeup her products have likely been in your house. 

Britt has a knack for beauty innovation. 

Her brand Flawless By Friday was founded on three pillars: Speed, Simplicity and Self-Confidence; and combined state-of-the-art products with proven natural ingredients and Korean-inspired gel technology. Now, Britt has turned her attention to exploring the exciting benefits of light therapy.

We sat down with Britt to get her take on the future of beauty and to find out what she's got in the works!


What do you predict as the next "big thing" in beauty?

The beauty industry is changing so quickly.  The pandemic has changed people’s self care in so many ways.  People are now doing a lot of services on their own at home (like haircolour, eyebrows etc.) that they used to do in a spa/salon. I think the next big thing will be aligned with 2 concepts – 1. A more minimal approach to makeup that is more focused on the skin and less on bright lipsticks and heavy eyes and 2. At home devices and treatments that show a real difference without having to leave your home.

What inspires you to create?

I’ve always been really inspired by emerging trends around the world. Before the pandemic and having my first child I spent time traveling through Asia and Europe becoming inspired by what made women in different places feel beautiful. I test new formulas and devices on myself and those close to me (I have 4 sisters) and if I find something I really like then I look deeper into the technology and see what’s possible in terms of new product innovation.

If you could pick one word to describe your new tool, what would it be?


Britt's Choice. What beauty product would you reach for...

After a long day? 
A deeply hydrating night mask.
Before your Saturday morning errands? 
Before a night out with hubby? 
A skin oil to give me that extra glow, contour and mascara.
To perk you up in the morning?
Cold water, a day moisturizer and the right beauty tool. 
For client meetings? 
Brows always filled in and lip colour – I wear lip colour when I want to feel brave.


Tell the Karma beauties about your new product!

In January I had my son Rocky – 6 weeks later we went into lockdown and the world as we knew it changed pretty quickly. My industry changed fundamentally.  A few months later I got in touch with a partner of mine in Asia and inquired about the newest technology they were working on in regards to at-home treatments.  Most of what they were researching and developing centred around the incredible impact of light therapy on the skin. I was further intrigued as a new mom by a product that wasn’t aggressive or uncomfortable on the skin but could also bring life into my skin by reducing my puffiness, redness while at the same time stimulating collagen production. I also quickly understood that this was a therapy that was incredibly relevant to men’s self care as well and my husband and I would take turns trying out samples of products centred around red light renewing therapy. Once I tested the tech that later was implemented in our superstar renewal wand I was hooked – not only did I see the difference from the red light but I started to look forward to using the renewal wand because of how relaxing the warming and vibrating wand was.


BEAM is a labour of love – a product designed during naptimes and after bedtimes – an effective, lightweight, easy to use skin care wand that shows an almost immediate difference in your skin.  I am incredibly proud of this first foray of mine into technological skincare.


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